From the quest of striving for better service delivery, and indeed from the passion of greatness harbored from within us, INFINITE SOLUTIONS is evolving into a force to reckon with in the ICT industry in Malawi.
Registered in 2014 (Cert. Num. 171632) as “Infinite Consulting” and later adopting the trading name of INFINITE SOLUTIONS, the company has had enough time on the ground to learn, adapt, design and present solutions to the satisfaction of our customers.
Being contented with where we are has never been part of our driving factors. We thrive to not only be the best in Malawi, but in SADC, COMESA, Africa and eventually globally.

Our MOTTO remains “only we can push the limits”. We strategically position ourselves to providing Wow! And lasting Solutions to our clients that are dynamic and time-adapting.

Among our exciting list of projects are the eCommerce (www.Virtual265.Store), and the eLearning Platform (www.SelfLearn.Online).

These two projects shall revolutionize Malawi and beyond on the Post-Covid19 era, by helping Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises to sell and buy beyond the confines of their geographic positions, and access various education programmes from the comfort of one portal prospectively. In Summary, we have exciting solutions which are exactly what Malawi needs, from household level to corporate level.


Our vision is to grow our multi-disciplinary team in order to offer a broad spectrum of specialist ICT, M&E, Education, Sales and Marketing, Strategic Planning, Engineering and Management Consulting services to become our Clients' preferred Professional Service Provider (PSP) choice through excellence and efficiency in all aspects of the project life cycle. Whether it is a small project, or a complex project, implementation of a project management system, or program management of a multi-facetted initiative, INFINITE SOLUTIONS is a leading practice that will exceed expectations and set new standards!


Our Mission is to offer excellent service in each of our professional disciplines, in accordance with statutory practices, codes of conduct and integrity, thereby developing our team and providing a leading platform from which to service the consulting environment and in particular, our valued Clients.

Our Core Values

Adherence to the highest professional standards Revolutionize clients' performance significantly for the better Create an unrivaled environment for exceptional people

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Our Mission is to offer excellent service in each of our professional disciplines.

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