Our Notable Products

IT Systems.

• ERP Solution for Companies
• Accounting System
• Inventory Management System
• Fleet Management System
• HOTEL Management Solution for Hotels and Lodges
• Electronic Filing Systems
• School Management System
• Clinics/Hospital Management System
• Driving Schools Management System
• Ecommerce System (www.Virtual265.store)
• eLearning System (www.SelfLearn.Online)

Cyber Security

• Penetration Testing
• Vulnerability Assessments
• Setting up of SEAM Centers

Hardware Maintenance

• Data Recovery from Crushed Hard Drives, Mobile Drives
• Tracing of Lost/Stollen Phones, Tablets, Laptops

Monitoring and Evaluation

• Online Data Collections Systems and Database Setups
• Baseline Surveys
• Midline Project Evaluations and End Project Evaluations


• Team Trainings
• Managing of Projects on behalf of Clients